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      Provide resin lenses
      for global customers
      Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
      Sunfilter Photochromic LensSeries
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      Why do we need to wear photochromic lens?

      People usually need to adjust light flux by adjusting the pupil size. When the light intensity 
      exceeds the adjust capacity of human eyes, it will do harm to eyes. Especially in summer, we need to protect eye from sunshine, to reduce tiredness caused by eye adjust or damage caused by strong light stimulation. 
      When eyes receive too much light, it will shrink iris naturally. Once iris shrinks to limiting 
      condition, people need to squint. If there is still too much light such as sunlight reflected by snow, it will do harm to retina. 
      Photochromic lenses are colorless and transparent indoors, and darken outdoors according to the intensity of ultraviolet, thus reducing the light transmittance of the lenses and reducing discomfort and injury caused by direct light rays on eyes.
      All-weather Light protection
      New generation of Sunfilter coating - photochromic lens can not only cut off over 99% ultraviolet damage but also harmful blue light generated by electronics. It reduces eye damage caused by light.
      By advanced spin coating technology and high quality photochromic material to realize the lens capacity of rapid color changing and fading.


      Provide safer protection!

      A coating-photochromic lens independently developed by Conant, which can change into two colors: gray and brown. Its color-changing performance is better than that of most similar lenses. 

      Color changing and fading

      Better effect

      Change color deeper, better shading effect.Fade to transparent rapidly(Outdoor→Indoor change color intelligently and switch rapidly, experience the best light feeling.

      Change color evenly and naturally
      Advanced technology, coating photochromic.Change color evenly all-round.
      No aberration under light, more naturally.Softer color, switch rapidly and comfortably indoor and outdoor.
      Photochromic coating And lasting
      In terms of color-changing process, after the Sunfilter coating-photochromic lens is made 
      into a photochromic coating, the coating is protected by a unique process, so that the coating photochromic of the lens is not easy to damage and the color-changing effect is more lasting.
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