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      Provide resin lenses
      for global customers
      Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
      IR LensSeries
      Data download
      Smart Infrared Cosmetic Lens 


      Users that care about aesthetics and prefer lenses with a standard green anti-reflective 

      • It improves aesthetics by eliminating reflections 
      • Healthier eyes, prolongs healthy, clear vision 
      • Prevents ageing of the skin around the eyes 
      • Clear lens makes it better looking
      Smart Infrared + Blue Cut Lens


      Users that are looking for a total protection, from harmful radiation and an excess of blue light from electronic devices. Users that care about the skin aging around the eyes and want to prevent ocular diseases. Users concerned about visual health.

       Prevents insomnia due to excessive use of electronic devices

       Blocking both infrared ray and blue ray with high percentage transmittance

       Improves visual comfort and tiredness of eyes


      Smart Infrared Sun lens 
      Sunglasses users concerned about comfort, aesthetics and low level of parasite reflections on the back side. Users that care about the skin aging around the eyes and 
      want to prevent ocular diseases. Users concerned about visual health. 
      • Delays the oneset of cataracts,preventing IR from denaturing the enzymes in the crystalline lens 
      • Prevents ocular irritation, avoiding the evaporation of tears and reducing fatigue 
      • Prevents premature ageing of the skin, preserving the elasticity of the skin around the eyes
      IR LENS Infrared Cosmetic Lens
      Conant Infrared Cosmetic Lens, reduces damage to the eye muscle by infrared ray, let your eyes enjoy warmth sunlight.



      Stay away from eye burning, cataract and other eye problems
      Reduces infrared ray to the retina, protect eyes from burning; highly resistance against infrared pass through iris, reduces chance of cataract .



      Blocking infrared Ray, protect eye muscle
      Both our skin and cells in the eyes needs protection from the outer radiation, IR cosmetic lens have a very unique anti infrared layer, with research and development, anti-infrared lays helps reduces transmission of the radiation to the skins around your eyes, protects eye from burning, reduces stain on the skins, restore your beautiful eyes.



      Slow aging of the eyes, retain beautiful eyes
      Infrared and UV protection, two amazing feature among one lens, protects skin from aging and hyper pigmentation, reduces damage to the eye from sunlight, gives your eyes a relax and enjoyable environment.
      Full protection for the eyes, give you a warmth sunlight
      Did you know that 54% of solar radiations are Infrared ray? Just like thermal energy, infrared ray also has heat effect, it will increase chances of eye dehydration, gives a very uncomfortable feeling to the eyes. At the same time, it passes through skin around eyes, damages collagen and fasten the growth of wrinkle around eyes, also causes degenerated retina and lens, and led to cataract.
      Infrared damages skin and gives stains on the skin.
      We are in contract with 54% of infrared radiation from the sunlight. The radiations are transmitted through heat. Did you know they can pass through our skin and damages collagen, which causes wrinkles on the skin? It will grow very fast around the eyes, also fastens degenerated retina and lens, and led to cataract. Because of the heat effect, infrared increases the chance of skin tear, and dry eyes, causes many eye discomfort.
      Leading cause of wrinkles around eyes 
      —— Short distance infrared ray.
      Far-distance infrared is also called “ life ray” which is good for humans. As for humans, far-distance infrared can boost metabolism, enhance immunity. But short- distance infrared has wavelength of 760~1500 nm, which has very short wavelength, but high frequency, high energy and can pass through human soft tissue about 5~10mm, which has very high thermal electromagnetic wave. Long time expose to the sunlight without any protection, may causes rough skin, skin thickening, wrinkle, and stain on the skins. One third of sunlight are infrared ray, compare to UV light, infrared ray cause deeper damage to the skin, this proves that short-distance infrared ray are more easily cause skin aging. 
      Eye burning, infrared ray may cause cataract
      Since eyes have many liquids, which makes it more attract to infrared, but and retina heat up really easily, and quickly, which could easily burn the macular region of retina, and causes poor vision, even perforation, and retinal detachment.
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